Sale of apartments on the Baltic Sea in Mielno Poland

baltic apartments mielno

Apartments on the Baltic Sea
Mielno, 6 Marca Nr 1, Poland

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Take your first steps towards a profitable capital investment. Baltic Apartments is not only about purchasing real estate, it is also a strategic decision that will help you to feel comfortable and an increase in the value of your capital. Contact us for more information and start planning your future with Baltic Apartments.

Discover now the investment opportunities offered by Baltic Apartments and plan your profitable journey into the world of real estate.


Baltic Apartments Mielno is a company that sells premium properties by the sea. An important advantage of the Baltic Apartments development is that the apartments are delivered to customers on a turnkey basis, i.e. they are ready-to-finish apartments.

Our investment consists of a multi-family commercial and residential building. It is a facility that integrates all functions of such bildings, offering residents comfort, convenience and access to a variety of services in one place.

The building has 24 apartments ranging from 27 m2 to 86 m2.

The total usable area of ​​the building is 1,396.28 m2, including:

  • 582,42 m2 residential premises;
  • 607,54 m2 commercial premises;
  • 206,32 m2 common areas.

Thanks to the diversified offer of services and functions, the building becomes more attractive to various groups of residents and investors. This, in turn, can result in an increase in the value of the property, which is beneficial to all involved partners.



  • The location provides wide, sandy beaches, a marine microclimate and a picturesque landscapes of dune areas;
  • Thanks for picturesque views, this region has dynamic development what leads to  value increasing;
  • Variety of apartments offered adaptation to the needs and possibilities of each client;
  • Maintaining the highest standard, legal and effective rental services thanks to the offer of professional property management;
  • All this guarantees excellent conditions for rest and recreation and growth of the investment equity.

Baltic Apartments is located on  6 Marca 1 street,  close to the  Mielno citycenter, which is located in the central part of the Baltic Coast, approximately 10 km north of Koszalin.

APARTments for sale

The total area of ​​the building is 1,396.28 m2

Common area 206.32 m2
Commercial premises 607.54 m2
Residential premises 582.42 m2
Apartments from 27 m2 to 86 m2