Sale of apartments on the Baltic Sea in Mielno Poland

baltic apartments mielno

Apartments on the Baltic Sea
Mielno, 6 Marca Nr 1, Poland


Baltic-Apartments is located at 6th Marca Street in Mielno just near the Jamno Lake and only 400 meters from the sea, at a distance of about 12 km from the northern part of Koszalin.

Baltic-Apartments real estate with a built-up service and residential building, designated by the evidence plots No. 164/9, 164/10, 164/14.

The property is located in the seaside town of Mielno at 6 Marca Street, in the eastern part of the town, in the Unieście district, West Pomeranian province, land and mortgage register No. KO1K/00061759/4.

Mielno is located in north-western Poland, on the central coast of the Baltic Sea, about 10 km north of Koszalin and is one of the largest resort complexes on the Polish coast. The city has about 5,112 permanent residents and covers a total area of 63 km2. Nearly 10% of the area is occupied by forests and 33.5% by agricultural land. The main source of income is tourism. The municipality is free of environmentally harmful industry and is located in the center of the cleanest part of the Baltic coast.

The most visible and appreciated attraction of Mielno is the clean beach, which is surrounded by a beautiful promenade with various establishments, cafes, fish bars and other gastronomic and commercial places.

Melno’s main street is Boleslaw Chrobrego Street, which, approaching the Unieście settlement, turns into 6 Marca Street. Traditionally, Melno is divided into three districts: the Church Settlement, Stare Mielno and the Lechit Settlement, but only the latter is an official administrative unit of the city.

The Church Estate is the oldest historical part of Melno. The ruins of a Slavic settlement from the turn of the 10th century and a parish church from the 15th century have been preserved here. Today this part is considered peripheral, separated from the beach by a forest. The central part of the area is Church Square and the area around Spokojna Street. In the northern part of the church settlement, the international bicycle route around the Baltic Sea runs through the coastal forest.

Old Mielno is the largest part of the town, bordering Unieście. It was established in the mid-19th century as a typical tourist center. There are numerous mansions and boarding houses from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, as well as large resorts built after 1945 (FWP Albatros). Today the cultural and social life of the entire city takes place here, and the most important events are held. There are public buildings, stores and seasonal stalls, as well as a park, the Kosciuszko Embankment and the Seaside Embankment (formerly the Polish-Soviet Friendship Embankment).

Mielno is connected with national road No. 11 via provincial road No. 165, giving the city a convenient connection with neighboring Koszalin. The connection is provided by private carriers (buses), in season the city bus – line No. 1 and the train, as well as the ship Koszałek, which runs from the pier in Jamno. Szczecin is about 170 km away, Berlin 312 km away and Warsaw 524 km away.

Unieście is a part of the summer resort town of Mielno, located on a spit between the Baltic Sea and Lake Jamno, in the north-eastern part of the town. There is a marina for fishermen and a seaside summer resort. On January 1, 2017, Unieście was incorporated into the city of Mielno. From the eastern side, the border of the city (Unieście) is the Jamno Nurt canal. The marina in Unieście includes a beach for mooring boats and a water area 100 meters wide from the coastline.


The property is located on the border of Mielno and Unieścia, at the intersection of 6 Marca Street (the main street of Unieścia) with Słoneczna Street leading to the entrance to the Seaside Promenade and the beach. It is a touristic part of the city where social life takes place. There are numerous commercial and gourmet establishments, as well as residential and service buildings and resorts. In the immediate vicinity is the Max Guest House with a swimming pool and restaurant, as well as resorts, apartments, bungalows, guesthouses and campgrounds. On the opposite side of the street is located a complex of terraced commercial and service facilities. The location of the property is favorable. Communication access is good. The entrance to the property is from Sunny Street.

The property is located in a protected area called “Koszalin Seaside Belt”.

Floors plan


1st floor

2nd floor

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Jacek Chróścicki

Grzegorz Miszkiewicz

Przemysław Tymiński

Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 8:00 – 16:00


The total area of ​​the building is 1,396.28 m2

Common area 206.32 m2
Commercial premises 607.54 m2
Residential premises 582.42 m2
Apartments from 27 m2 to 86 m2